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Meet the Brand - Rozenbroek

Meet the Brand - Rozenbroek

Rozenbroek are forging a strong path on their mission to be a fully sustainable brand. Jade, the founder, sums it up:

We are passionate about saving the earth and believe that by using renewable energy to make our clothing we are helping to reduce our footprint!

They are a London based brand that tout 'Made in England'. Production of their garments, in a solar powered factory in Yorkshire, means they can keep a close eye on their process as well as being kind on the environment.

With the overall greenhouse gas emissions of textile production standing at 1.2 billion tonnes a year and accounting for 10% of global carbon emissions, their use of solar power goes a long way to showing the industry at large what's possible. The main power usage in production comes from machinery and temperature control making electricity essential. Due to this rather non-negotiable factor it makes sense that the brand opted for a solar factory, even in the north of England.

The price of solar panel installation has dropped considerably over the past ten years. With it now being affordable and with large textile manufacturers often being in sunnier climes it should really be the norm rather than the exception when it comes to the running of these factories.

For a brand to be considered as a Coalo partner it needs to excel in more than one area. Rozenbroek consider the full life-cycle of their clothing. Sourcing organic materials such as cotton and bamboo is an important part of the process as well as the ten year guarantee they offer on their products.

Roznebroek cover basics and some more eye-catching pieces like their colour-block shirt. They bring with them Coalo's first selection of outerwear as well meaning you can stay warm and dry in the colder months, whilst doing your bit for the planet.

Rozenbroek are defining how a sustainable clothing business should be run and are definitely one to watch.


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