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Coalo Meets Mark Frost

Coalo Meets Mark Frost

Our next part in our interview series sees us talking to Mark Frost, model, influencer and sustainable fashion enthusiast. We talk to him about the future of fashion and life promoting it to audiences around the world.

Can you tell us a bit about your background? How did you find yourself modelling?

So I have had a slightly diverse background, navigating life in several different guises. This includes over the time being a personal trainer, working in luxury travel where I would get to travel to some amazing events around the world and more recently getting into modelling and content creation as an influencer. I guess you could say modelling is something that has only really been a feature of my life for a relatively short period but it's something I absolutely love. It started really when I was asked to model for a footwear brand, Walk London and since then everything has snowballed but I still work very hard at my craft, long may it continue, I've got big aspirations.

In your work how have you seen the conversation and sustainability develop and to what end?

I think sustainability has been at the forefront of people's minds in fashion for a relatively long time. The majority understand that our current processes need to adapt and have started implementing change to the way we respect and nurture the planet. But at present the base costs that go into sustainable fashion are inherently more expensive for fashion brands who need to source costly eco-friendly natural materials but the quality outputs are great. We are now really seeing large brands as well as new to market brands really flying the sustainability flag.

When you're looking at buying clothing, what do you look for? Similarly how do you find new brands?

I take a less is more approach to buying clothes, so I'll spend more time picking individual items. I pay most attention to the details and quality of the items before I buy them, how they fit, feel, look, and the quality of material used all matter. Also I look at the brand as a whole, every good brand will have a unique style or clear identity and it's about making sure that aligns with what I feel comfortable and my best in. 
We are so fortunate now that you can find so many exciting and interesting brands online via social media so a lot of the new brands I have collaborated with as a fashion influencer or modelling have been through instagram, you'll be amazed how many amazing brands are just a few clicks away. Outside of that I like magazines such as The Rake and Mr Porter for their insights and sharing of quality brands.

Creativity and how a brand presents itself, predominantly online, is paramount to success these days. Photography makes up a key pillar of that creative, which photographers have caught your eye in the men's fashion space?

Photography certainly does make up a key pillar of that creative process, for me in the mens fashion space. Hannah Miles, Luigi and Diango, Tomo Brejc, oliver yoan, John Russo. There are honestly so many fantastic photographers each with a unique eye it's hard to hand pick a select few, many of which I'd love to work with in the future. Also a special mention to my girlfriend Gizem who shots many of my fashion images, she's got a great natural eye for capturing the right angles and moments!

At Coalo, we're interested in exploring what sustainability means and can be to a male customer. How do you see it developing and how do you engage with it when buying fashion?

The reason we like a brand is due to an emotional attachment, a loyalty and an excitement for that brand, it's therefore very important that brands connect the same brand love and loyalty but through sustainable attributes. You can see this already happening as sustainable clothing weaves its way into mainstream culture and brands have shifted their collections. I see consumer habits changing as people become more conscious and aware, I think people will be prepared to pay more for sustainable clothing because it's now more readily available and they understand why its the smart purchase, it certainly bodes well for the future. 


What brands do you think we should approach next, who embodies the Coalo ethos?

A brand I'm friends with. Walk London shoes partner with one tribe global and for every shoe purchase they save 25 trees in the rainforest which I think is a fantastic sustainability project. I also really like Pangaia and Asket also.

Finally, what three pieces from the Coalo catalog do you like the most? (Include a link and a couple of lines on why)
The Black Corduroy Military Jacket by +351. I like this jacket as the quality and classic lines look great. I would certainly layer this with a neutral t-shirt colour underneath and paired up with some high waisted trouser.
The Black Cotton Twill Trench Coat by Rozenbroek. I like the cut of this jacket, the materials used and it feels like a nice statement for wearing around the city whilst being able to stay warm and dry.
The Flannel shirt Populus Ochre. Big fan of this colour shirt, flannel shirts are a classic and should be a staple of every gents wardrobe.

To follow Mark, you can find him on Instagram @Markafrost

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