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A Sustainable Choice

Sustainability, more than just a buzz word, it's an all encompassing way of life that regards the planet as something worth respecting. More than being "green" or "eco", it's about being fair and respectful.

At Coalo we had to think long and hard about what we understood sustainability to mean in the context of what we do. Fashion and lifestyle are notorious industries that we are trying to make our mark on. So we choose to focus on these five aspects of what is the wide remit of sustainability.



We choose our partner brands based on their strength across these five areas. 

Environmental Impact Their end-to-end product cycle is as low emission as possible

Support Local Skills They work with local farmers, factories and supply chains

Sustainable Materials They use natural materials (linen, cotton and leather) all from certified sources

Conscious Manufacture They take care of their supply chains, working hand in hand with their factories and farmers to improve conditions and the product

Great Design, always They employ design thinking in the making of their clothing, creating and end product that lasts and is repairable

The way fashion has been operating is often described as a 'race to the bottom'. The winners of this race are those that own the companies that promote weak supply chains built on poor labour practices and cheap materials. We propose a race to the top, where all can benefit. Join us in creating a better world.

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