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5 Trees Planted & 29.5kg of CO2 Saved per Order

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About Us

Our Mission

Coalo is a community of like-minded brands and shoppers. We encourage a lifestyle that revolves around caring for our environment by supporting small designers and brands pushing long lasting products that also look great.

We have an international outlook. Brands operate all around the world and they are looking to connect with conscious customers. We help them do that.

Our Tenets

Coalo takes as the main premise to its values that the planet is in a crisis of our own making. The health of the earth is in critical condition, but we are hopeful that this can change. We trust in the ability of nature to bounce back. Yet the planet is in decline and aside from the natural world, the humans worse effected will be those who have benefited the least from the industrial and technological boom of the last two hundred years.

In order to facilitate the kind of change we want to see, Coalo works by employing the following tenets to our business practice. Listed in no particular order as they are equally important.

1. Operate as though in a crisis. Every decision must result in at least no extra damage caused to our planet.

2. Partner with like-minded people. Our business is a community, and in order to positively affect those outside it we need to show a united front.

3. Activism is encouraged. We take a stand and we want others to do the same.

4. Transparency in all we do. All internal decisions are logged and backed up so that they can be openly scrutinised.



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