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Coalo Meets Christopher Snead

Coalo Meets Christopher Snead
As part of our new interview series we sit down with photographer and fashion enthusiast Christopher Snead. He runs us through his background and why sustainable shopping is more important than ever.

Can you tell us a bit about your background?

On the weekdays, I am working full-time as a Data Analyst but on the weekends a lot of my time is spent as a content creator. About three years ago I picked up a hobby in photography - fashion photography particularly. That then grew into a love for photographing other lifestyle forms such as architecture, products, cars, and really anything that appeals to me from a design standpoint. This hobby began to take up my weekends as I started partnering with brands and creating content more professionally. I’m currently working on my first photo book for my car photography - but more on that soon.

Where would you say your interest in fashion and menswear stems from?

I’ve always felt a need to express myself through some way whether it be writing music, creating art, or through what I wear. Since I was a kid, there was always something I was building or putting together. It wasn’t until my college years that I really started to find a large interest in fashion on a level other than just a way of expressing myself.

To someone who is looking for sustainable clothing what would you advise them to look out for when browsing online or off?

More and more brands are adopting the word ‘sustainable’ and blurring the lines of what it means to be truly sustainable. Watch out for the companies using this as a marketing technique without making any true environmental impacts. Transparency is a big thing and can really show a lot about the ethics and overall sustainability of a brand.

Following from the above are there any brands you can think of that are doing a good job on sustainability, taking into account not just environmental factors but also labour practices and design?

ASKET is the first brand that comes to mind. Over the years I’ve seen their dedication and hard work to become completely transparent in every aspect of the supply chain. They are constantly changing their garments to provide the most sustainable and ethical practices while still keeping costs true and justifiable. A few other great brands are Casca, Oliver Co. London, and Son of a Tailor.

Taking into account trends and events over the past few years, what do you think it takes to be a contemporary man?

Don’t buy into the toxic masculinity that encompasses so many. Do your best to be your complete authentic self. From a fashion standpoint, this is the most freeing thing you can do and really takes your confidence to a whole new level.


Finally, what three pieces from the Coalo catalogue do you like the most? 

  1. SPA Oversized T-Shirt -Everyone needs a nice t-shirt. I’m a big fan of the oversized looks currently, so this is an essential piece in my wardrobe.

  2. Onekind Heavyweight Hoodie - While most people are working from home now, loungewear has become much more important to our style. Ask me a year ago and I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing sweats on a daily basis. Nowadays, comfort is my go-to.

  3. Elliott Vegan Leather Trainers - I’m very familiar with this brand and what they’re doing as far as sustainability. I always love seeing brands using innovative alternatives to animal-leather so this is a sneaker I can get behind.


We have more content on The Edition, our platform for bringing you up to date on the sustainable fashion landscape.

To find out more about Christopher you can check out his site at www.christophersnead.com

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