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Brand - Far Afield

Brand - Far Afield

Founded in 2014 by two brother, Mark and Chris Scholes, Far Afield has its roots in the UK. By collaborating, the two brothers have bought together their combined twelve years’ experience in menswear to create the concept.

Far Afield stands out for its patterns and designs. Inspired by international travel, their styles play with colour, pattern, and texture. The playful results lend themselves to a relaxed look that would work both whilst holidaying on a far-flung isle, or, on the streets of Brighton, the brand’s home.

Quality is an important pillar of their clothing. Traditional craftsmanship is encouraged by their partnering with factories around the globe, picked for their values and commitment to craft. The brand makes sure to regularly visit their factories to make sure standards are being maintained and to connect with the local makers.

This dedication to the product continues in the choice of materials. Far Afield’s policy is to only buy organic (GOTS) or Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) accredited cotton. Sometimes they also work with overstock fabrics, which may not be organic or BCI cotton, but in using these they give a second life to the cotton and remove it from the waste cycle. Similarly, their buttons are all from natural sources such as mother of pearl, shell, coconut, wood or corozo nut.

Interestingly, they are working with unique polyester made from recycled plastic bottles. Bottles marked with the number one label are constructed from the same plastic as PET, so when they are broken down into flakes the polyester fabric can be made completely out of the recycled plastic.

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