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Brand - +351

Brand - +351

Portugal, the powerhouse of European cloth manufacturing of recent years. Also a sunny, rugged country of mountains, cliffs, beaches and some of the world's best surf. +351 synthesise this country into their brand. The Atlantic has inspired many a Portuguese person, from the sad, longing sea shanties of Fado to the architecture of Eduardo Souto de Moura.

Based in the capital, Lisbon, their clothing style is relaxed and comfortable. Its designed to be effortlessly thrown on ready for a day exploring the woods or waiting on the beach before getting back out to the surf.

Fabric choice is a key part of the design choice for founder Ana Penha e Costa. All items are made from cottons which are selected for their feel and comfort. It is through the fabric that Ana can pull together the Portuguese story that she had woven into her brand. All the cottons are 100% Portuguese with the manufacturing taking place in the country as well.

This hyper-locality is both an essential element of the future of sustainable design. Keeping production local, keeps prices fair and minimises the miles travelled,. The supply chain is therefore stronger and easier to maintain if there are ever any incidents, Similarly, the creative process becomes all the more richer as Ana can be much more involved.

In an increasingly, globalised world there are strong ecological arguments for keeping industries, particularly such famously wasteful ones, like fashion, local. +351 leads in this regard whilst also creating a signature brand that is well worth your time.

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