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Meet the brand - Carpasus

Meet the brand - Carpasus

Zurich based shirt maker Carpasus are pushing what it means to be a single product maker. Founder René Grünenfelder, when writing his Master’s thesis on sustainability in fashion, was beginning to think how he could effect change on the industry he was studying. How better to act than to build a model of how you think something should work? Which is exactly what he did.

Taking his focus on shirting, René could control supply chains from source to end product much more easily. The single focus also allows for some experimentation with design and feel. Hence Carpasus now offers a full range from smarter dress shirts to more casual fit varieties. This positions them as the go to place for a quality shirt no matter what event or purpose you are looking for.

The oversight they have over their supply chain also means they enact firm quality controls on their shirts. This is maybe where René brings in some of his Swiss mindset, a country where quality reigns supreme. Imbuing this into their shirts ensures that they last.

Seasonality in the fashion is one of its key shortfalls when it comes to sustainability. The big players continue to encourage a throwaway culture in their race to the bottom, which is firmly rooted in a fast paced seasonal rotation that takes no prisoners. Carpasus have thought ahead on this. They stock seasonal designs throughout the year, making sure to sell through where possible and to hold anything that doesn’t, ready for the next rotation. This allows the brand to stay fresh and, most importantly, keep their customers at the right temperature year-round.

At Coalo we are lucky to represent the full range that Carpasus offer, check them out here and lookout for the next season drop.

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