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Coalo Meets Sarmilla the Host of the 'Menswear by a Woman' Podcast

Coalo Meets Sarmilla the Host of the 'Menswear by a Woman' Podcast

Sarmilla is the host of the new Menswear by a Woman podcast available on Spotify and Apple. Below we speak to her about her interest in fashion and what she has planned for the podcast.

What got you into Menswear in the first place?

Like many people there wasn't pacific moment to go into menswear, it just happened and it was just a natural part of my interest but I do remember always admiring my father's sense of style and his tailoring garments.  
Tell us a bit about your podcast? What can we look forward to with it?
The podcast is based on women in menswear and I wanted to share my experiences with other women in the industry and encourage conversation between us. More interviews with diverse group of women within the industry from style to creativity, with many independent brand owners from all walks of life that are involved and are passionate about what they do. In future episodes more interviews and my own experiences good or bad but overall showing despite many obstacles i still love what I do.
Do you see evidence of brands in the mens fashion space facing up to sustainability?
Not as much I would like to see but many people seem to feel its fashionable but are they doing this from passion and understanding the overall requirement for it? Because whatever happens FASHION BUSINESS HAS to CHANGE AND HAS TO BECOME MORE SUSTAINABLE AND ETHICAL  NO MATTER WHAT. I'm totally 100% for the change we have to change. 
What trends do you think we'll see in 2021 with lockdowns slowly lifting etc?
I don't follow trends but I do feel like more colour,  more prints, tailoring mixed with casual wear will be the next trends in my opinion 
What three pieces from the Coalo catalogue do you like the most?
Canvas High Top with White & Green Stripe - I like them because there simple but yet different.
Black corduroy Military Style Jacket - Corduroy is one my favourite materials and the military style is the other.
Mustard Yellow Sweatshirt - I like the way its cut and the colour.
And I know I should only pick 3 but I feel I must pick this one also 
Linen Shirt in Dark Blue & White Stripe. Stripes, blue and Linen I can't resist as you just can't go wrong.
You can find Sarmilla's podcast using the details below
menSwear by a Woman 
Apple  link :

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