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Brand - 40 Colori

Brand - 40 Colori

40 Colori Model

40 Colori is all about craft. The craft tradition goes hand in hand with sustainability. Built on, often small, communities it draws from deep historical practice and materials. The result is a product of resounding quality and personality. 40 Colori makes the kind of items that you cherish for the next generation.

In 2014 they launched out of a family run workshop in Como. They have grown by building partnerships with a further eight artigiani, or craftsmen. Drawn together by their respect for traditional method they set out to build a range of modern menswear.

The team source materials for their craftsmen from all over Italy. Natural, hardy materials are sought out to let the Italian craftsmanship shine through.

Their collection is personal and bold. Find a range of their accessories including Firsherman Beanies and their suede belts on Coalo.

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