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B Corp Pending Announcement

B Corp Pending Announcement

This is big news. Although a small initial step, we feel it sets us on an exciting path. We are officially a B Corp Pending, meaning we have committed legally and verbally to be a better business. There is now a year on the clock to reach the benchmark required of a full B Corporation, where we would join the likes of Patagonia, The Guardian Media Group and Innocent. It is no small commitment that will see us implement rigorous checks on ourselves in order to promote a better community and a better planet.

Being small gives us a significant advantage in that we can set these values and processes in stone early. Doing this saves us time further down the line but also goes someway to proving to you, our customer, that we are in fact committed to this journey and we want you to join us. Commitment is important to us because we operate in an industry famous for greenwashing, the act of pushing green or “eco” credentials that are, in reality, baseless.

We chose B Lab, the organisation that issues the certificates, due to its rigorous and world-renowned testing methods which apply to massive international operations as well as small one-person outfits.  With over three thousand organisations certified as B Corporations worldwide, and 237 in the UK (as of October 2019), they represent a dedicated business ecosystem. As a pillar of our society the business community can take a leading stance in advancing sustainable goals and building a planet that supports societies and ecological systems.

There is a further business argument for our commitment. Looking at it from our customer’s point of view we felt that they had plenty of options to shop at brands that care little for our environment, our textile making communities and quality clothing. So, we chose to take the path less trod and position ourselves as the brand that cares. In turn we expect our partners to care and we will be making our process on this much more visible so that you can make more informed choices.

We propose a race to the top, rather than the bottom. Being as open as possible in our business and as supportive as possible in the communities that we touch is a start. Our relationship with B Corporation is certainly a step in the right direction but is by no means the end of our race. We invite you to join us on our journey upwards as it will ultimately be pointless if we do not bring everyone along for the ride.

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